Why Certification Matters

A $6,000 diamond can be even more beautiful than a $12,000 diamond of the same carat weight!

Make your dollar go farther
by trading rarity for size and beauty.

Diamonds are priced based on the 4C’s: Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut. The traditional 4C information does not help to differentiate between a beautiful diamond and a diamond with inferior brilliance, fire and sparkle. The 4C’s define the rarity of a diamond and its price. However, the rarity of a diamond has almost nothing to do with the look or beauty of a diamond.

Diamond color and clarity are not scientifically
measured, they are an opinion of a diamond grader.



To determine the color grade of a diamond, an expert places a loose diamond upside down and looks at the back of the diamond. The color grades go from colorless or D to Yellow or Z. Once the diamond is turned face up and mounted, it is nearly impossible for even an expert to see the difference between an E grade and an H grade. Quick question: What is the color F? Have you ever noticed the diamond color at a restaurant or party? Buy a diamond because of its beauty, not its color.



The clarity grade of a diamond is even less noticeable. The grade goes from Flawless to I1, I2 and I3. Of these 11 grades, only the bottom three can be seen with your eye. You need a microscope to see the diamond between the other 8 grades. You cannot see it while wearing your diamond but there are dramatic price differences based on small differences in clarity.

Carat Weight


While the carat weight is obviously important, it should not be the most important characteristic. A diamond with superior brilliance, fire and sparkle will look significantly larger than an average diamond with the same carat weight.



The brilliance, fire and sparkle of a diamond is determined by how well the diamond is cut. The diamond industry attempts to predict the beauty of diamonds by using proportions, polish and symmetry. There are many different combinations of proportions that can result in a beautiful diamond. Why try to predict beauty when GemEx scientifically measures each and every diamond for brilliance, fire and sparkle.