GemEx iLoupe

See Your Diamond

Take Pictures of Your Diamond

Share Your Diamond

View your diamond

Examine your diamond

Zoom in on your diamond…Up to 40x magnification with your phone or tablet

Easily see your diamonds girdle engraving!

The Loupe, reinvented

Use your eyes, your phone or tablet to see your diamond with the iLoupe!

The iLoupe is placed over the front camera on your phone or tablet device. You can also look directly through the iLoupe to view your diamond.

The iLoupe enables you to see into your diamond and examine its identifying characteristics.  The faceting and inscriptions can be easily seen.


Locating Ring

The iLoupe comes with a small plastic locating ring on the bottom that can be removed and placed over the camera eye on your device.

Easy Removal

One side of the ring is “sticky” and will adhere to the device. If it looses its “sticky”, clean with alcohol and it will stick again.

Easy to Use

The iLoupe can be used without it, but it makes it easier to center the iLoupe on the camera of the device. Once the locating ring is in place, gently slide the iLoupe over the camera.

Mounted or Unmounted

The iLoupe can be used with loose diamonds or mounted diamonds.

Introducing GemEx iLoupe

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